I was born in Syracuse, NY and grew up in Columbus, OH, but for the last eleven years I've lived in the Great State of Texas. I'm an amateur photographer and enjoy learning about art, design, and world history (especially the Middle East). I love trying new coffees, wines, and beers, and I always try to find a local brew when I travel. I live in Austin with my wife Bailey. We like to cook and bake together, and we adopted an adorable dog named Mikey.

I've loved classical music for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough to play the cello in a professional string quartet for two and a half years, and that experience gave me a passion for sharing music through performances and community engagement. I believe that music has the ability to transcend barriers of every kind, and I am continually captivated by the way that live performances bring audiences and musicians together.

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Professional Interests:

I want to design and market classical music experiences that change two common misconceptions: that concerts are stuffy and boring, and that audiences need to know something about the music before attending a performance. I'm excited to grow classical music audiences and share the emotion and beauty of music with new people!

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Some Places I've Performed: